Water Songs™ Water Crystal Glassware
Description: Harmony

Harmony is the song of life. It is the starting point and end result at once. It is the single snowflake setting the tone for the others to follow and is the song spread through the sky in a snow storm.

In its most crystalline form it is the song of all thoughts, beliefs, and intents being played condensed into Harmony.

As thoughts are raised to a higher awareness the tone of the melody raises, with each person, each thought being incorporated into song.

When the song of Earth raises to the tone of the Universe the song will be seen, heard, and hummed along with. It is a wave that can be joined or altered by each being's choice. It is the orchestra of all things manifest and formless.

Set yourself to align with Harmony and you join all things, as all things are in Harmony.

Change your patterns and you change the Harmony of all. It is each single being united into song, the melody of the Universe.


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