Water Songs™ Water Crystal Glassware
Description: Hope

Hope is the dream of the innermost part of your connection to God to be and do all that is possible during your current incarnation to fulfill the original intent of the soul. It is the wise sage and the innocent child within each of us.

When you Hope for a thing, you touch on the quality of yourself that is aware of the subtlety of vibration. A great force is enacted in Hope with so fine a vibration it appears very gentle.

Be aware, however, that when the ego-mind declares a hope for a thing it is often pushing something away, which, of course only strengthens the attraction to you as in, "I hope so and so doesn't happen."

You will feel the difference in the quality of it. When you feel excitement or anticipation like a child opening a gift you will feel the quality of God-like consciousness. It is expansive and all possibilities exist within it.

Align with Hope in this manner and witness the possibilities that lie before you. Know that you are welcome and encouraged to hold Hope out to the world, and in your heart.


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