Water Songs™ Water Crystal Glassware
Description: Love & Gratitude
Love & Gratitude

The state of being in Love and Gratitude is the most fundamental to all beings. As we are Source made manifest, we are Love. As we are made manifest to experience ourselves, we are Grateful. It is the elemental core of all things.

It is in fact the source-point of creation even through the denseness of matter. If you hold the vibration of Love and Gratitude while viewing anything, you will see Source, or God, or whatever you choose to call the unyielding, ever-present energy that creates and makes up all things.

The connection to all, compassion for all, and the intangible freedom that comes with awareness and appreciation for all is found in this state.

This is the state in which all things are made manifest. As you sustain this vibration in your awareness you understand the abundance that surrounds you.

The unlimited possibilities are called forth from this state as you realize all things are with and part of you; you simply call them into being.


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