Water Songs™ Water Crystal Glassware
Description: Peace

Peace comes through the acceptance that all things are inter-connected along with being inter-related. It is still and ever-present within all beings. It is experienced in the moment of knowing that the same source flows through and makes up all that is. With this acceptance comes the awareness that no one life could be sacrificed for the benefit of another, the awareness that each piece and part is as valuable as the next. The intents and expressions of all are orchestrated to come together in the most harmonious manner.

This becomes easier to see and experience when judgment is released and events are seen simply for what they are; the culmination of wills and intents in a closed, although vast system.

When you can look at a situation and see how the intents, beliefs, desires and patterns of behavior, could of course only result in this experience as it is, you will experience Peace. You are then more likely to see the beliefs and patterns within you that must be changed to bring about new and different end results within the system.

It is merely the fact that source pulls into so many wills simultaneously that makes it difficult to see. And when you can step back, know this, and experience Peace, you simultaneously open the Universal pathway for Peace to resonate with you, bringing more to you, and you exude Peace yourself affecting those around you. All of this can be, and often is, done without conscious awareness. To set the intent to resonate with Peace adds power to these events.

It is as simple as understanding a spider's web and as complex as the most intricate panel of lace.


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