Water Songs™ Water Crystal Glassware
Description: Resonance

When choosing to join in Resonance you may either choose to resonate with how you are feeling at the moment, to build upon it, or choose something to resonate with, thereby altering your frequency through the process. The human body is capable of toning with all frequencies to the cellular level. This enables you to draw to you anything you choose; feelings, like-minded people, events, and experiences within events.

As you come to realize this ability, which is always in action, you will find that while this is a great aspect of our being, it dictates a mindful awareness in living our lives. Working with Resonance will help to keep you aware of its nature at all times. In choosing to align with this energy specifically you will begin to see how it works and learn to use it to your benefit. You will also learn how to set your vibration with more ease through the experience.

All things vibrate; similar vibrations are drawn to each other. Explore the possibilities to find what appeals to you and align your vibration to that. Notice similar things, events, and people coming to you - or you to them.

This is Resonance and it is always at work. Learn to master what you resonate with and see how quickly results are presented to you.


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