Water Songs™ Water Crystal Glassware
The Process
Crystal Etching on Sterling Cut Glass

A word is written on a bottle of distilled water and is left for 12 hours. Drops are then placed onto Petrie dishes and frozen. The Petrie dishes are placed under a microscope with light and camera attached. As the water begins to thaw one of two things will happen.

It will either grow into a three-dimensional crystal (rising from the surface of the drop) or it will simply melt into an array of disjointed bubbles.

The entire life-span of the crystal is about two minutes and is often melting in one area while still forming in another. Photos are taken throughout the process documenting each stage.

The crystal that forms is then adapted for the etching process by Water Songs and fashioned into an engraving plate with remarkable detail.

Specialty glassware company, Sterling Cut Glass, provides the etching. Each step is taken with great care to ensure that the clear vibration of the word comes to you. 

We look forward to presenting many different items using these remarkable crystals in the near future.

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