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Description: Truth

There are certain Truths that are constant and unchanging. These are what you align with when you set your intent to resonate with Truth at this level. When this is accomplished the transient nature of Truth, as society has defined it, becomes apparent. This is quickly evidenced in the scientific behaviors in this world.

At one time the Truth that was held was that the world was flat. The mere fact that everyone held this belief as Truth did not make it so.

The science of physics is currently approaching actual Truths that are unchanging. As they move closer to these, they find their terms of "known truths" and absolutes to be questioned and begin to see the complexities and difficulties in using even the terms and language that has sufficed for so long in such a limiting view.

The boundless possibilities that reside in the True nature of things can be broadly said to be unknown to us. In aligning with Truth, they become more clear.

Align with Truth, examine a situation with a more detached, broader point of view, and you will see the Truth of your own nature through it.


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