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Description: Wisdom

Wisdom is the awareness that knowledge is based on perception.

In aligning with Wisdom you are shifting your awareness to that of the observer. Release the ego mind-set of defending what you "know" and realize that all you know has been filtered through training, beliefs, and patterns. You come to see that what you know changes when you change your beliefs and patterns. You are able then to see that if what you know changes, how can you really know anything?

Wisdom is the voice of your spirit. It will bring you to the people, places, and events that serve your true self. In Wisdom you connect to the highest aspect of yourself. Do not attempt to quiet the voice inside because you are of the opinion that you "know better". Wisdom is this voice and will always lead you toward your true goal.

Pause to ask yourself which choice would be better for you and be attentive to the answer. To blindly follow someone else's path because others say this is the known way will, many times, bring you to a point of realizing you should have done what the small voice said. A more direct route will be provided by Wisdom always.

Allow your own spirit to lead you. This is the path of Wisdom.


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